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Why is the family service part of the Littledale treatment programme?

A distinctive aspect of our programme and one that makes us different from many others is our optional Family Service.

It is now universally accepted that the wider family and friends network also needs to be considered as part of an individual’s recovery from addiction.

Current research strongly indicates there are better outcomes for all if the family / significant others are included in the treatment of the individual.

Addiction has an impact on the physical and psychological health of the wider family/friends network and the staff team at Littledale has strongly supported and witnessed the benefits of a family/friends inclusive approach to the treatment and recovery of residents. Therefore our Family Service is an integral part of the holistic treatment approach at Littledale.

Our aim is to raise awareness of the importance of family/friends as part of the recovery process.

We provide education, mediation and support to:

  • Help build and strengthen relationships that are based on open, honest adult communication.
  • Consider the needs of others as well as the resident; this may involve recognising that difficult choices have to be made, particularly in relation to the care and best interests of children.

What is included in the Family Service at Littledale?

The entire staff team at Littledale are actively involved with residents and their significant others throughout their time in treatment. In addition to this we have a registred Social Worker to provide specialist childcare and family work to support residents to address complex family and childcare issues. The Littledale Family Service will liaise with external professionals and ensure that the welfare and care requirements of children are met whilst also supporting parents.

Some aspects of this work may also include:

  • Supporting residents to maintain appropriate family contact whilst being observant of relevant child protection issues.

    It is important we define who we mean when we talk about ‘family’ as this may include a wide range of people who are significant to that person (e.g. birth parent, foster parent, sexual partner). Whenever we talk of family we mean those defined as such by the individual resident.

  • Accompanying residents during external childcare reviews and participating in the preparation of reports.
  • Instigating, via solicitors or social workers, any subsequent changes to existing rulings, restrictions and court orders should residents circumstances change.
  • Working with external agencies and parents to ensure that the welfare of the child is paramount at all times and support any changes which would be in the best interest of the child.

Family Worker

Has responsibility for:

  • Mediated family work sessions

    These are resident and family focused sessions to help people rebuild and re-establish relationships. Each family brings their own needs and experiences and these are addressed and worked through in the mediated sessions.

  • Signposting service

    Recognising that families need to recover in their own right may lead some people to access services that can provide them with practical, psychological or emotional support. Littledale staff cannot provide this help/support for family members but we have identified external agencies and organisations that may be able to help.

  • Family information days

    These events are intended to enhance families’ knowledge and understanding of addiction, treatment and recovery in an open and non-judgemental environment. Each event covers the themes of addiction, the Littledale programme and on-going recovery and is held once every three months at the centre.

Those most likely to benefit from the family service offered are those who need support:

In relation to the following:

  • Rebuild or strengthen family relationships.

  • With childcare issues.

  • To help develop significant others understanding of addiction and its treatment at Littledale.

“My time at Littledale was worth every minute. I’ve learnt a lot and very happy with all care and attention to detail and taking an interest in my life and my wellbeing for my future. A very big thanks to all.”

– SH

“Seeing ex residents here today and telling what they have done since leaving treatment and how they have changed their lives around with help from what they have learnt from the hall. Like myself I learnt a lot from LHTC and getting support when I needed it.”

– MD

"I would like to say a big thank you to Littledale Hall for all the help and support that was given to me during my time there. It wasn’t an easy decision to seek help however LHTC saved my life [...]. It was the hardest but most rewarding experience for me. I now own my own home and I am back working with my brothers expanding our family run business. I would never have imagined I would be where I am today this time 2 years ago and for that I am eternally grateful"

- MY

Why choose Littledale Addiction Treatment Services?

  • Staffed 24-hours a day

  • Safe & supportive environment

  • Restore self-esteem & self-confidence

  • Picturesque 200-acre location

  • Access to GP services