Referrals and Admissions

Staff recognise people have different needs and we offer opportunities for you to assess whether this is the right programme for you whilst we assess whether we think you will benefit from the programme offered. It is a two way process.

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome referrals from all individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by their addiction(s) and associated problems. We encourage everyone to assess his or her options and think carefully about whether Littledale is the right centre, from the range of options that may be available to you.

Referral and Assessment process

The first part of the referral process is to give our admission team a call. We take referrals from all over the UK and currently work with in excess of 40 commissioning authorities. If you are interested in making a referral to us then this is what will happen:

  • A call is made to our admissions team
  • They will offer you an assessment date and time
  • A letter or email will be sent to confirm your assessment
  • You will make arrangements to attend the assessment
  • Your assessment will be with the admissions co-ordinator and will last approximately 1 hour
  • After the assessment you will have an opportunity to look round the centre or stay for a while
  • After you have looked round the centre you will sit again with the admissions co-coordinator to reflect on your assessment and to ask any further questions
  • You will then be encouraged to take some time to think about whether Littledale is right for you
  • The admissions coordinator will then contact you a few days after your assessment to see is you want to access our services. They will also contact your care manager should you have one
  • If you decide to come to Littledale and we feel we can meet your needs you will be offered (subject to funding approval) a date and time for admission

Remember - you are assessing us as much as we are assessing you.

Fees are reviewed at the end of each financial year and reflect, as accurately as possible, the actual cost of providing the service.

The fee covers all costs for each resident including: assessment, programme delivery, food, utilities, and activities. Annual accounts are open to scrutiny by officers of Lancashire County Council or other purchasers.


Current fees available on request.

“My time at Littledale was worth every minute. I’ve learnt a lot and very happy with all care and attention to detail and taking an interest in my life and my wellbeing for my future. A very big thanks to all.”

– SH

“Seeing ex residents here today and telling what they have done since leaving treatment and how they have changed their lives around with help from what they have learnt from the hall. Like myself I learnt a lot from LHTC and getting support when I needed it.”

– MD

"I would like to say a big thank you to Littledale Hall for all the help and support that was given to me during my time there. It wasn’t an easy decision to seek help however LHTC saved my life [...]. It was the hardest but most rewarding experience for me. I now own my own home and I am back working with my brothers expanding our family run business. I would never have imagined I would be where I am today this time 2 years ago and for that I am eternally grateful"

- MY

Why choose Littledale Addiction Treatment Services?

  • Staffed 24-hours a day

  • Safe & supportive environment

  • Restore self-esteem & self-confidence

  • Picturesque 200-acre location

  • Access to GP services