What do we offer every resident?

Littledale provides a safe and supportive environment that enables each resident to participate in a robust, therapeutic, neuro–bio-psycho-social programme of recovery. Individual programmes may vary in duration and are personalised to meet individual needs.

Every resident at Littledale is offered opportunities to:

  • Renew a sense of hopefulness about their future without addiction
  • Restore self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Learn about addiction and recovery
  • Restore everyday health and wellbeing (e.g. Nutritional diet, exercise)
  • Re-connect with and improve coping skills
  • Renew their ability to think rationally about their addiction
  • Re-connect with strategies to manage negative behaviours
  • Restore their commitment to change negative attitudes and behaviours
  • Re-connect with and begin to learn to manage their feelings
  • Recover from trauma
  • Accept and abide by community rules
  • Feel included and valued
  • Value themselves and other people
  • Understand behavioural change is based on personal responsibility
  • Communicate openly, honestly and positively
  • Build and sustain healthy relationships with other people
  • Re-connect with family, friends and the wider community
  • Identify external agencies that can offer ongoing support

In order to benefit from what Littledale offers, a safe and supportive environment is paramount. All those who commit to coming to Littledale are agreeing to abide by three key centre rules designed to keep themselves and the community safe:

  • 1

    Build inclusive relationships

  • 2

    Contact with family and friends who are currently involved with the Criminal Justice System and/or have their own issues with addiction may be allowed if they have a positive influence on the resident’s recovery

  • 3

    Treat everyone with respect and ensure your behaviour is honest, unintimidating and non-violent

Anyone who acts in ways that compromise theirs or others' safety will be asked to account for their behaviour and may be asked to leave if their behaviour persists and/is deemed as serious enough to warrant this.

“My time at Littledale was worth every minute. I’ve learnt a lot and very happy with all care and attention to detail and taking an interest in my life and my wellbeing for my future. A very big thanks to all.”

– SH

“Seeing ex residents here today and telling what they have done since leaving treatment and how they have changed their lives around with help from what they have learnt from the hall. Like myself I learnt a lot from LHTC and getting support when I needed it.”

– MD

"I would like to say a big thank you to Littledale Hall for all the help and support that was given to me during my time there. It wasn’t an easy decision to seek help however LHTC saved my life [...]. It was the hardest but most rewarding experience for me. I now own my own home and I am back working with my brothers expanding our family run business. I would never have imagined I would be where I am today this time 2 years ago and for that I am eternally grateful"

- MY

Why choose Littledale Addiction Treatment Services?

  • Staffed 24-hours a day

  • Safe & supportive environment

  • Restore self-esteem & self-confidence

  • Picturesque 200-acre location

  • Access to GP services